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On any given yoga session with Aimee, her unique blend of Kundalini breathing techniques, physical exercises, postures, Mudras, Mantras, blood cleansing and detox routines... all sprinkled with her personal music and abundant charisma, creates an overwhelming workout with an atmosphere of vital energy and euphoric celebration that is literally out of this world. There is magic in the room where Aimee performs her art- magic that creates strength and healing.

Yaniv Dotan

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Breath of Fire with Aimee Donahue

Welcome to Aimee’s Web Site!

Aimee Donahue is a Yoga teacher, a musician, a private counselor, a certified massage, energy and hypno-therapist. She specializes in teaching Kundalini, Prenatal Yoga and meditation.

Within this web site, you will receive useful information to improve your life and benefit from over 20 years of Aimee’s experience.

You will be immersed in life changing yoga practice and improve your health, your attitude, and longevity.


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